31 Days of Single on Purpose

de John Kim

citită de John Kim

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Written in John Kim???s unique ???advice-in-a-shot glass??? style, a month-long program that applies the tenets of his bestseller Single on Purpose, packed with daily tips for self-reflection, growth, and adventure.

As John Kim revealed in Single on Purpose, your single years are the most crucial for having big life experiences, discovering who you are, and investing in yourself, body and soul. But what if you???re newly single or stuck in a rut? How do you start living your single years with intention and meaning? How do you make new friends, find out what you enjoy without a significant other, gain confidence, try things that scare you, get out of your shell, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and look at life like the adventure it is?

Whether you???ve embraced the advice in Single on Purpose or are just discovering Kim???s ideas, 31 Days of Single on Purpose can help you transform being single into a joyous, exciting period of personal growth filled with memories, deep work, play, forgiveness, and freedom.

Each day is framed in classic John Kim style, and features: No-bullsh*t ways to confront your past???what you've settled for before and what you're changing today Kick-in-the-butt prompts for getting out in the world???starting a new pastime, and meeting new people Journal questions that don???t feel like ???journaling,??? focusing on brief, direct, and honest answers to help you know yourself Tips that help you understand where you are emotionally???Do you feel fulfilled? Stuck? Lonely? Overwhelmed? Sad? Daily mantras for meditation and visual manifestation Suggestions for sweating, lifting, walking, hiking, and moving your body

Whether you???re just getting started or a single king or queen looking to level up, 31 Days of Single on Purpose will help you find fulfilment, direction, and an understanding of who you are and what you truly want.

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John Kim

John Kim

John Kimblogs as The Angry Therapist. He practices complete authenticity and transparency with his many clients, frowned upon in the clinical world, and continues to look for new and unconventional ways to help people. He created the Catalyst Life Coaching Course, an online life coaching certification program, and recently John started a new platform called SHFT, an app that gives people support in their pocket when they need it and the chance to become a life coach themselves. John Kim lives in Los Angeles where he makes videos on his phone, CrossFits, and rides his motorcycle to coffee shops to do sessions.


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