Joy, to the World

de Kai Shappley, Lisa Bunker

citită de Vico Ortiz

editura Clarion Books

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Despre Joy, to the World carte

A young Dumplin’ meets Melissa in this joyful and energetic middle grade novel about a twelve-year-old girl living her life to the fullest, celebrating her love for sports and fighting for her right to cheer.

Joy, a twelve-year-old trans girl, just moved to Texas with her mother and older brother. Her family has accepted Joy as the girl she is early in her transition, with little fuss, leaving Joy to explore her love of sports, competition, teamwork, school spirit, and worship.

But when she is told she’s off the cheerleading team, Joy wants to fight for her right to cheer. As her battle with the school board picks up momentum, Joy attracts support from kids all around the country . . . she even gets the attention of her hero, trans activist Kai Shappley.

Inspired by Kai’s own life, Joy, to the World is a timely story of living life to the fullest, celebrating and centering trans joy, courage, and resilience.

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Kai Shappley

Kai Shappley

Kai Shappley is a young American actress and activist. When she was in fourth grade, she stood up to the Texas State Legislature against their attack against trans kids. Her journey was recorded in the Emmy winning documentary, Trans in America: Texas Strong. She has also guest starred in the first season of the Babysitters Club on Netflix. She loves her family, friends, pets, and Dolly Parton!


Vico Ortiz

Vico Ortiz

Lisa Bunker

Lisa Bunker

Lisa Bunker (she/vo/they) is the author of Felix Yz and Zenobia July, two novels for young readers that feature many LGBTQ+ characters without that being the preachy point. From 2018 to 2022 she served the town of Exeter in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Lisa is married and has three grown children. Her geekeries include chess, bass-playing, gender, storycraft, and language. She lives in Sacramento, California.


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