Lone Stars Rising

de Editors of Texas Monthly

citită de Roxanne Hernandez

editura HarperAudio

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Despre Lone Stars Rising carte

In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Texas Monthly, a collection of original essays and portraits of fifty groundbreaking Texans who have shaped the Lone Star State—and the nation—over the past half century.

With a population of twenty-nine million, Texas has birthed some of America’s most innovative, culture-altering politicians, entertainers, athletes, and activists of the last five decades. In Lone Stars Rising, the editors of Texas Monthly select fifty of the most trailblazing Texans who have shaped the Lone Star State and America today.

Organized by decade and featuring essays from the magazine’s legendary roster of contributors, accompanied by drawings and fifty photographs throughout, this collection includes incisive commentary on the stars whose rise from Texas to the world stage has been meteoric, as well as the lesser-known individuals who have been toiling on the sidelines, quietly and intentionally shaping the way we think and talk about the Texas that exists today.

Coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of Texas Monthly, Lone Stars Rising is the quintessential ode to the Lone Star State in all its complexity.

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Editors of Texas Monthly

Editors of Texas Monthly

TexasMonthly is one of the most respected publications in the nation and has won fourteen National Magazine Awards. Since 1973, its legendary roster of contributors has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, publishing long-form literary storytelling alongside in-depth analysis on vital issues and indispensable advice on Texas living.


Roxanne Hernandez

Roxanne Hernandez

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