Love at First Set

de Jennifer Dugan

citită de Lori Prince

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Despre Love at First Set carte

Sometimes true love takes a little heavy lifting

"The most hilarious disaster bisexuals you???ll ever meet.??? ???Dahlia Adler, Buzzfeed Books

This irresistible adult debut from beloved YA author Jennifer Dugan is a queer romcom for fans ofDelilah Green Doesn???t CareandWritten in the Stars, in which a gym employee accidentally ruins her bosses??? daughter???s wedding, then even more accidentally falls for the runaway bride...

The gym is Lizzie???s life???it???s her passion, her job, and the only place that???s ever felt like home. Unfortunately, her bosses consider her a glorified check-in girl at best, and the gym punching bag at worst.

When their son, Lizzie???s best friend, James, begs her to be his plus one at his perfect sister Cara???s wedding, things go wrong immediately, and culminate in Lizzie giving a drunken pep talk to a hot stranger in the women???s bathroom???except that stranger is actually the bride-to-be, and Lizzie has accidentally convinced her to ditch her groom.

Now, newly directionless Cara is on a quest to find herself, and Lizzie???desperate to make sure her bosses never find out her role in this fiasco???gets strong-armed by James into ???entertaining??? her. Cara doesn???t have to know it???s a setup; it???ll just be a quick fling before she sobers up and goes back to her real life. After all, how could someone like Cara fall for someone like Lizzie, with no career and no future?

But the more Lizzie gets to know Cara, the more she likes her, and the bigger the potential disaster if any of her rapidly multiplying secrets get out. Because now it???s not just Lizzie???s job and entire future on the line, but also the girl of her dreams.

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Jennifer Dugan

Jennifer Dugan

Jennifer Dugan is the author of the young adult novels Melt With You, Some Girls Do, Verona Comics, and Hot Dog Girl. She is also the author of the YA graphic novel Coven. She lives in upstate New York with her family.


Lori Prince

Lori Prince

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