Stop Whining, Start Living

de Dr. Laura Schlessinger

citită de Lily LoBianco

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Despre Stop Whining, Start Living carte

Bestselling author and popular national radio host Dr. Laura offers tough-love advice to help us all lead active and more positive lives.

Dr. Laura Schelssinger has helped millions to nurture and cherish their relationships and their partners. Now, she turns her piercing insight and no-nonsense approach to each and every one of us, offering advice and information for becoming better people in more control of our lives.

Using real-life situations, Dr. Laura provides solutions that will inform our lives and relationships with parents, siblings, spouses, colleagues, and the others we interact with every day. WithStop Whining, Start Living, readers will learn to act instead of react in their path toward living a positive life.

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is one of the most popular talk-show hosts in radio history and the only woman to win the prestigious Marconi Award for syndicated radio. She is the author of twelve New York Times bestsellers, writes a daily blog, and is a regular Newsmax columnist. She is heard daily on Sirius/XM Channel 155 live, and her program is streamed and podcast on Dr. Schlessinger has her own YouTube Channel ( She is also the skipper and driver of a racing sailboat program that won the 2010 international race from Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas. She and her husband live in Southern California.


Lily LoBianco

Lily LoBianco

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